Dry Ridge and Hip System

Why choose a dry ridge & hip system over conventional mortar?

  • Weather tight and maintenance free

  • More secure in high winds, due to each ridge and hip tile is mechanically fixed to your roof

  • Improves safety with no more falling debris 

  • Selection of three colours

  • Robust long lasting engineered materials 

  • Meets all new building regulations

  • Provides 5mm continuous ventilation along your ridge and hip 

  • Provides improved ventilation in your loft space, consequently reducing condensation, damp and frost 

  • Can be used on almost any type of tile or roof

  • No mortar or wet trades used

  • Reduces the weight on your roof

  • Better for the environment 

Our Process

  • All work is Guaranteed

  • We will remove your existing ridge/hip and replace all existing ridge/hip tiles for new if required

  • Replace any broken roof tiles

  • Any problems we find we will inform you before we carry out any necessary additional work

  • The new dry ridge system will be installed

  • Each ridge/hip tile is mechanically screwed to your roof, ensuring its complete security

Product Information

The roll-out dry ridge is a mechanically fitted system which securely fixes the ridge and hip tiles onto your roof, protecting them from wind up-lift and rain penetration. There is no need for mortar, and all fixing are either plastic or stainless steel so require no maintenance. 

The system is compatible with most makes of concrete half-round and angled ridge tiles and most slate, flat concrete and profiled tiles. It can be fitted to the ridge of any duo pitch roof which has a pitch between 15 and 55 degrees.