Roof Coatings & Sealers  


  • 10 Year Guarantee

  • Restore colour and definition back to your existing tiles

  • New looking waterproof roof coated with premium acrylic polymer

  • Same coating as used on new manufactured tiles

  • Comes in a wide range of natural colours

  • Reseals your tiles to stop moss and mould growing on your roof

  • Saves you the ordeal of having a new roof fitted

  • The colour system can be used on any concrete tile

  • For slates and terracotta a clear polymer is used that creates a waterproof protective layer 

Colour Range

More Information

Roof tiles and slates over time lose their water repellency and start to become porous as their surface gradually decays, retaining moisture and encouraging the growth of unsightly moss, green mould and lichens. The Roof Coating we install acts as a roof sealer as well as a restoration product, using the same premium acrylic polymers as those applied to modern roof tiles so you can be sure of a waterproof and highly durable finish for years to come.


Step One: Free Roof Survey and Assessment

A free no obligation roofing survey and assessment is carried by one of our team. We will discuss and explain in full the products and services we provide. Afterwards we will give you a written quote for our service. You can select your colour of choice for your roof from a rich range of natural colours which the product comes in.  

Step Two: Roof Repair

Any repairs to the roof are carried out: such as replacing broken tiles, re-pointing ridge tiles, replacing old felt and lead work. 

Step Three: Preparation and Washing

We will thoroughly clean your roof using an industrial rotary pressure washer designed specifically for cleaning roofs.

Step Four: Roof Cleaner

Now that your roof is cleaned and dry we will treat your roof with a roof cleaner, which kills any residual moss, green mold, lichens and more.

Step Five: Masking-Off the Roof

Any areas near the roof such as guttering and fascias will be masked off to ensure that coating only adheres to the roof.

Step Six: First Coat of Roof Coating

After the roof cleaner has dried the first roof coating in your selected colour is applied using a brush to cut in the edges and then an Airless Sprayer is used to cover the rest of the roof. The airless sprayer gives an even smooth dense coverage to give optimum results.

Step Seven: Second Coat of Roof Coating

After the first coat has dried a second coat is applied to ensure a dense and even coverage.

Step Eight: Clear and Tidy Site